Hello. I’m Tanya Meeson, an author, newbie-screenwriter, sometime columnist, avid blogger (do we even say blogger these days?), once-upon-a-time journalist and general writer of writing things. I’ve published two non-fiction books, The Dot Spot – Adventures in Love and Sex and Character Insights for a Regenerative Future (co-authored with Paul Steenkamp) and one novel, The Fulcrum. My new book The Akashic Records of the Last People as Written by Neko will be published in 2024.

What’s this substack about then hey?

Honestly, it’s a way to keep my brain tapped into short form writing. Keep those muscles twitchy and strong.

Storytelling, and specifically storytelling in the form of writing, takes all forms – I mean, this much is obvious… but there is a point at which a writing storyteller makes a choice: I will specialise in plays or poems or lyrics or essays or short stories or non-fiction or fiction or screenplays and so on.

There are those who can do it all, some who only ever do one form and others who hop between two or three forms for most of their lives. I reckon I’m one of these.

I started blogging in the internet iron age of 2006 and coming back to it in the form of newsletter/essays/column-type writing in 2023 has required some mental updates on what readers expect for the time they’re putting in to reading the piece. And I like the challenge.

So that’s what I’m doing here. I aim to post every other week and I post about writing and memories and thoughts about things and books I’m writing … nothing earth-shattering or necessarily helpful but if you’d like to subscribe for updates click the button below…

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Writer. Author of The Fulcrum and The Akashic Records of The Last People as Written by Neko