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I thought I'd start W1 today but then stopped doing that altogether and found myself flipping randomly through the pages of the AW until I settled on a section in the 'basic principles' section where she talks about what to expect: 'Working with this process, I see a certain amount of defiance and giddiness in the first few weeks ... a strong urge to abandon the process ...'

Is giddiness in the same whatsapp group as overenthusiasm? Is this slow uptake of the course defiance? Do I feel like abandoning this at the very first step? Yes, yes and yes.


Something else that stood out for me in the tools section was the idea of 'filling the well'. I often get a powerful desire to have my eyeballs and brain and heart filled with images and ideas, beauty and experiences, especially after I've finished a book. Which reminds me: I should get back to it now. Not my book, Cameron's book.


An aside: writing in this empty, tumbleweed-town comments section is pretty strange and reminds me of my early days of blogging as DB when I could just yadda yadda on and on to no one on my little digital soapbox. There's something delightfully liberating about it. Like leaving a nudie in public library book and the frisson of someone maybe finding it.*

Anyway. Next insert will be W1 for sure.

*I've never done this by the way. Or, at least, not totally this.

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