Loved this! Your voice is strong and certain, even with the doubt... Onwards to possibilities!!

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Mar 4, 2023Liked by Tanya Meeson

I am feeling scared too.

I am scared of the radical little girl who is being revealed layer by layer, as this process paint-strips the layers of my adulterated self like the walls of an old house. I find this journey is asking me: what is the bedrock of my being? So now I have to wonder what will be stripped to find out and will anyone suffer? Will I suffer? Will this stripping be painful? Or simply liberating? Where am I going? What will I find behind what some part of me put in place for good reason at the time. These no good reason tears – where do they come from?

Dreams of speaking in the tongues of my ancestors, which I don’t know. Si, io canto. Yes, I sing...? And then more dreams of singing. Yes, I sing, but certainly nowhere near where a harsh ear may hear.

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Mar 2, 2023Liked by Tanya Meeson

I read this and I want to whooop! Yee Haaa! Gonna write more on the weekend. Thank you dear Tanya.

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